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Light Sport Aircraft

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1 )    What must a pilot be aware of as a results of ground effect?

a)    Induced drag decreases, therefore, any excess speed at the point of flare may cause considerable floating.

b)    Wingtip vortices increase creating wake turbulence problems for arriving and departing        aircraft.

c)    A full stall landing will require less up elevator deflection than would a full stall done free of ground effect.



2 )    An aircraft said to be inherently stable will

a)    be difficult to stall

b)    not spin

c)    require less effort to control



3 )    Unless otherwise specified, Federal Airways include that Class E airspace extending upward from

a)    700' above the surface up to an including 17,999' MSL

b)    1,200' above the surface up to and including 17,999' MSL

c)    the surface up to and including 18,000' MSL


Flight Operations

4 )    The greatest vortex strength occurs when the generating aircraft is

a)    light, dirty and fast

b)    heavy, clean and slow

c)    heavy, dirty and fast


Aircraft Performance

5)    What effect does high density altitude as compared to low density altitude have on propeller efficiency and why?

a)    Efficiency is increased due to less friction on the propeller blades

b)    Efficiency is reduced due to the increased force of the propeller in the thinner air

c)    Efficiency is reduced because the propeller exerts less force at high density altitude than at low density altitude



6 )    For aviation purposes, ceiling is defined as the height above the earth's surface of the

a)    lowest reported obscuration and the highest layer of clouds reported as overcast.

b)    lowest broken or overcast layer or vertical visibility into an obscuration.

c)    lowest layer of clouds reported as scattered, broken or thin.


Flight Operations

7 )   How should an aircraft preflight inspection be accomplished for the first flight of the day?

a)    Thorough and systematic means recommended by the manufacturer.

b)    Quick walk around with a check of gas and oil.

c)    Any sequence as determined by the pilot-in-command.



8 )    The definition of nighttime is

a)    sunset to sunrise

b)    1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise

c)    the time between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight



9 )    May a pilot operate an aircraft that is not in compliance with an Airworthiness Directive (AD)?

a)    yes, ADs are only voluntary

b)    yes, if allowed by the AD

c)    yes, under VFR conditions only



10 )    Which is the correct traffic pattern departure procedure to use at a non controlled airport?

a)    Depart in any direction consistent with safety, after crossing the airport boundary.

b)    Make all turns to the left.

c)    Comply with any FAA traffic pattern established for the airport.




11 )    After landing at a tower controlled airport a pilot should contact ground control

a)    when advised by the tower.

b)    prior to turning off the runway.

c)    after reaching a taxiway that leads directly to the parking area.



12 )    A pilot can expect a wind sheer zone in a temperature inversion whenever the wind speed at 2,000 to 4,000' above the surface is at least

a)    10 kts

b)    15 kts

c)    25 kts



13 )    You can expect fog, dew or clouds to always form when

a)    water vapor condenses

b)    water vapor is present

c)    relative humidity reaches 100 percent


Aircraft Performance

14)    Maximum endurance is obtained at the point of minimum power to maintain the aircraft

a)     in steady, level flight

b)    in a long descent

c)    slowest possible airspeed



15)    The correct method of stating 5,500 feet MSL to ATC is

a)    five thousand, five hundred feet.

b)    five point five.

c)    five thousand, five hundred.


Flight Operations

16)    You have just landed at an airport with a control tower and tower tells you to contact ground control when clear of the runway.  You are considered clear of the runway when

a)    all parts of the aircraft have crossed the hold line.

b)    the aircraft cockpit is clear of the hold line.

c)    the tail of the aircraft is clear of the runway edge.


Flight Operations

17)    A below glide slope indication from a pulsating approach slope indicator is a

a)    pulsating white light

b)    steady white light

c)    pulsating red light


Aircraft Performance

18)    Problems caused by overloading an aircraft include

a)    excessive structural loads, shortened cruising range and reduced climb rate.

b)    slower takeoff speed, shorter takeoff roll and increased maneuverability.

c)    increased cruising speed, increased angle of climb and increased service ceiling



19)    Notification to the NTSB is required when there has been substantial damage

a)    which requires repairs to landing gear.

b)    is caused to the aircraft in a hangar fire.

c)    which adversely affects structural strength or flight characteristics.



20)    The angle of attack at which an airplane wing stalls will

a)    increase if the CG is moved forward.

b)    remain the same regardless of gross weight.

c)    change with an increase in gross weight.


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