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61 )    Name the four fundamentals involved in maneuvering an aircraft.

a)    Power, pitch, bank and trim

b)    Thrust, lift, turns and glide

c)    Straight-and-level flight, turns, climbs and descents



62)    The direct cause of every stall is excessive

a)    angle of attack

b)    density altitude

c)    upward vertical velocity



63)    What is the relationship of lift, drag, thrust and weight when in straight-and-level flight

a)    lift and weight equals thrust and drag

b)    lift, drag and weight equal thrust

c)    lift equals weight and thrust equals drag



64)    The best speed to use for a glide is one that will results in the greatest glide distance for a given amount of

a)    fuel

b)    altitude

c)    drag



65)    Climb performance depends on the

a)    reserve power or thrust

b)    cruise power setting

c)    maximum L/D ratio


Flight Operations

66)    What wind condition prolongs the hazard of wake turbulence on a landing runway for the longest period of time?

a)    Light, quartering headwind

b)    Direct tailwind

c)    Light, quartering tailwind


Flight Operations

67)    What is absolute altitude?

a)    height above the standard datum plane

b)    vertical distance of the aircraft above the surface

c)    altitude read directly from the altimeter


Flight Operations

68)    Filling the fuel tank after the last flight of the day is considered a good operating procedure because this will

a)    prevent moisture condensation by eliminating airspace in the tanks

b)    prevent expansion of fuel by eliminating airspace in the tanks

c)    force any existing water to the top of the tank


Flight Operations

69)    When taxing with a strong quartering tailwind, which aileron position should be used?

a)    aileron up on the side from which the wind is blowing

b)    neutral

c)    aileron down on the side from which the wind is blowing


Flight Operations

70)    One purpose of the dual ignition system on a two cycle engine is to provide for

a)    uniform heat distribution

b)    system redundancy in the ignition system

c)    balanced cylinder head pressure



Test Questions:  1-20  |  21-40  |  41-60  |  61-70  |