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Light Sport Aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft



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Ultra Flight Radio Show You can listen to the only All-Ultralight and Light Sport Aviation Radio Show on the Internet and  Check Out The Schedule of Ultralight and Light Sport Aviation Events
UltraFlight Radio can now be found live on Tuesday mornings right here on the web at www.ultraflightradio.com at 10:00am Eastern Standard Time and 7:00am Pacific Time. But you don't have to hear it live to hear it.
You can also hear (previous shows) at the show archive. We make it convenient for you.

If you are in the U.S., you can call toll-free: 1-888-514-2100. If you are somewhere that the toll-free number does not work, you can reach us at 1-858-268-3068.

Challenger 101

Your have questions about building, flying, maintenance this site has all the answers.


Challenger Add On for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Click on "File Library" and do a search for 'cc11qc2f.zip'

Quad City Ultralight Challenger series of planes

Click here to join FlyChallenger
Click to join FlyChallenger

A great bunch of Challenger owners with lots of good info for the builder and flyer.


Join FlyExcalibur Yahoo Group

IVO Props

IVOPROP Ultralight Model Quick Adjustable Prop


Fine Wooden Props

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