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Mike Round  |  Don Spitler  |  Gary Freitag

Mike Round - Ketchikan, Alaska

Mike Round
Ketchikan S.E. Alaska

All systems "GO"

Bringing her on in

A peaceful setting

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Don Spitler - Northway, Alaska

Don's plane with it's winter shoes on

Our airport - the view is North. This winter there are only two planes tied-down here most of the time - mine and one belonging to the local
lodge owner.

Taken this spring, flying NE from the airport. I'm over the road that connects Northway to the Alaska Highway. These are the only
two roads within 50 miles east or west. When I cross the Alaska HWY, shown in the distance, and continue
N/NE I will fly almost 90 air miles before I see another road - no houses, power lines, or whatever in between.

Sunset over the Wrangell Mountains. I took it from my Challenger November 12, around 3:30 p.m. I was practicing touch-and-go's and I had just taken off from the airport. Altitude was probably around 500-600 AGL

Northway is in a wide river valley known as the Upper Tanana Valley - roughly 20 miles wide or more in places.  Here lies the headwaters of the Tanana River, Alaska's second longest, behind the Yukon.   We have the Wrangell Mountains to the South and rugged hills - some over 2000 feet higher than the river valley - to the North. The Yukon Territory is about 30 air miles South/Southeast..... Don Spitler


Gary Freitag - Ketchikan, Alaska

Desktop Background

Near Loring In Behm canal. These pictures are all on Salt Water and is part of the inland passage of Southeast Alaska

Overhead picture of me at 500 Ft above an Island in Neets Bay Alaska

Over Clover Pass Resort Near Ketchikan Alaska

Taking off from George Inlet near Mt Pt Alaska, taken from a friends front deck

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Near Loring In Behm canal.

Desktop Background

Here’s a shot taken of me at 3000 ft, cant see the plane well but it was one of my most memorable flights with Prince Of Whales Island in the background with a fog bank against the shore over Clearence Strait Near Ketchikan Alaska. It was one of those special moments in a challenger that makes it all worth while.

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