Photos From Above 3

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Kurt Kingston  |  Scott Milton

Kurt Kingston - Northwest Washington State

Taken from my Challenger at 9,999 feet over Baker Lake and Mt Baker. Still climbing 150FPM too! Glad I brought my gloves.

A picture taken by formation pilot Gary Eklund when he had his Challenger and we were flying together

A local lake

 Video by Jabin Kingston
Video:  An experiment to see the difference in yaw string action between upper/lower windshield placement. Video by Jabin Kingston

Crop circle picture taken by Jules Glogovcsan when he was out visiting from Texas


Scott Milton - Fountain Inn, South Carolina

"Dream Maker" - my Challenger II LW. I have owned it for almost a year now and have put close to 65 hours on it. Buying it became my 'dream come true'. Added a new dash, GPS, and comm.

My Co-Pilot. 4 year old Grandson, "Logan". Oh yea, he will tell you those are "his" headphones too ! This was shot after his first of many flights with his "grandpa".

Home Airport. "Happy Valley" in Fountain Inn, SC A private airport that is very ultra light friendly. Currently the are 4 Challengers, a Tierra, and 6 trikes based here. We have a fly-in every Labor Day. About 10 min from my house. Could not ask for a better place to fly from.

I-385, right off the end of the south runway. A nice alt landing site if need be ! Shot from my plane as I was being shown how to do those great slips ! Flaps? Who needs flaps?


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