Challenger Builders Log 2

Red Stokes - Phoenix, AZ

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June 2, 2003
Removed the nose gear and hardware for fitting of the fiberglass nose cone. Measured and fit the fiberglass nose cone temporarily. 1  Started building the battery box for installation under the rear seat (Mike’s mod). 2

June 5, 2003
Assembled the battery box brackets.
Installed the battery in the battery box for a temporary fit.
Custom installed the rear seat with battery box brackets. 3
Drilled the rear engine top former plate for 1/8 inch-long stainless steel pop rivets.

June 6, 2003
Worked on the notch above the rear seat for the passenger shoulder harness coming down from the root tube. 4
Located and installed the starter solenoid.

June 7, 2003
Started wiring the airplane. Located and assigned pin assignments. 5

June 9, 2003
Completed the rear passenger shoulder harness slot.
Soldered firewall side connectors to 6 pin engine quick disconnect.
Soldered CHT and EGT four pin connectors, firewall side.
Secured the cable from the rear engine firewall, left and right sides, to the instrument panel.

June 10, 2003
Fabricated mounting plate for intercom above front seat down tubes. 4
 Fabricated and installed shoulder harness standoff bracket above front seat down tubes. Soldered connectors for tachometer, dual CHT, duel EGT and fuel gauge.

June 11, 2003
Soldered ring terminal connectors for ignition switch. Drilled tubing and installed ground terminal screws, left and right side, for panel instrument grounding. Installed heat shrink on all panel wiring. Fabricated and installed GA friction throttle mounting bracket on left side and under instrument panel. 6

June 12, 2003
Installed connectors for 12 volt for panel hand held radio and GPS unit with quick disconnects. Secured all wiring with tie wraps.
Mounted electric fuel pump to rear seat cross tube. Installed fuel line from fuel tank to electric fuel pump and from the electric fuel pump out through the firewall to the engine. 7 Installed rivnut to hold the fuel line to the root tube. Secured fuel line with tie wraps to down tubes. Mounted the engine to the root tube. 8 Installed mechanical fuel pump to motor mount angle plate. Encased engine side wiring in heat shrink. Installed new soft rubber tail wheel. Engine wiring harness soldered on engine side.

June 13, 2003
Fabricated engine battery ground wire and installed. Mounted and wired switches for electric fuel pump and strobe lights on upper door mounting bracket above pilots seat. Mounted wires for temporary connect of intercom power and ground.

June 14, 2003
Fabricated and installed positive battery cable from the battery to the starter solenoid. Negative from engine ground to negative post on the battery. Installed wire to the fuel pump +12volt. Fabricated and installed battery post standoff brackets. Drilled hole for pitot line clearance in 3 piece gap cover, front piece. 9 Did temporary installation for com radio antenna through center section of the 3 piece gap cover. Completed final security of regulator/rectifier wiring.

June 19, 2003
Fabricated wiring harness for electric fuel pump and strobe lights from the switches to the units. Made final connection for intercom box. Fabricated frame ground to battery ground and ground from battery to strobe light box.

June 20, 2003
Completed the final fit for the 3 piece gap cover. 10 Fabricated the attachment brackets to attach the rear of 3 piece gap cover to the engine mount.

June 21, 2003
Drilled rear piece of 3 piece gap cover for upper strobe light. 11 Fabricated mount for choke cable. Fabricated mounting plate for bottom strobe. Cut rear 3 piece gap cover to fit.

June 23. 2003
Fabricated mounting bracket for radio. Fabricated mounting plate for strobe box and temporarily mounted to plane. Wired both strobe lights. Drilled and pop riveted engine mounts to engine toot tube spacers. Fabricated custom rear throttle handle. Installed bottom mounting plate and cross pieces for bottom strobe on belly of fuselage.

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