Challenger Builders Log 1

Red Stokes - Phoenix, AZ

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S/N CH2-0103-2294

A Challenger 2 Long Wing Airplane is Born:

January 11, 2003
I ordered my Challenger 2 Long Wing kit from Mike Harrison, Dealer/Owner Skyes the Limit, Phoenix, Arizona.

January 24, 2003
I built my wheels and brakes and assembled my fiberglass gear leg package. 1  I built my analog VFR instrument panel. 2

February 28, 2003
Mike received the tail section of the plane from Quad City Ultralight Aircraft, Moline, Illinois.

April 9, 2003
Mike received the balance of the airplane from Quad City.

May 1, 2003
I unboxed the airplane and inventoried the parts with Mike’s assistance. I was missing the tail wheel assembly, engine, muffler and bracket and redrive unit. 3

May 2, 2003
With Mike’s assistance, I installed the ribs on both wings.

May 3, 2003
Installed the vertical stabilizer and drilled and installed the AN bolt. 4 Mike furnished me with a tail wheel assembly from another kit and I installed the tail wheel assembly using 1/8 inch stainless steel pop rivets. 5 I installed the fiberglass gear legs in the sockets with the cross cables. Centered the cross cables. 6 Drilled the gear leg weldments, aligned and drilled the nose fork to steering shaft. Used blue Loctite to secure the steering shaft nut. Centered the nose gear assembly. Installed the nose wheel. 7
Adjusted rudder pedal heel cups. Installed flaperon crank and push rod assembly. Assembled the fuel tank tray. 8 Positioned and drilled rivnut holes. Installed rear fabric attachment plates (Mike’s mod – 3 piece aluminum).

May 4, 2003
Drilled holes and temporarily mounted the instrument panel. 9
Fabricated parts for the top fabric attachment plates. Installed the top fabric attachment plates. Installed the bottom rear fabric attachment plate (Mike’s mod). Drilled 1/8 inch holes and pop riveted the aluminum seat plates, both front and rear with stainless steel rivets. Drilled 1/8 inch holes and pop riveted both front and rear firewall plates. Lubricated and pinned the bell crank assembly for the flaperons. Drilled 5/16 inch holes in the root tube for both front and rear shoulder harness support.
Installed the ELT mounting bracket. 10

May 5, 2003
Set and drilled the main gear toe in. Installed temporary installation of the Rony brackets for the wings. Custom cut and installed the sending unit in the 10 gallon fuel tank. Fabricated and installed 4 (Mike’s mod) aluminum angle pieces in the fuel tank tray for the bungee hold downs. 11 Temporary installation of the wings on the fuselage. 12 Cut 2 front and 2 rear streamlined strut fairing to length. Notched the streamlined strut fairing for the Rony brackets. 13 & 14 Drilled and permanently attached the gas tank tray with 1/8 inch stainless steel rivets.

May 6, 2003
Made final cuts on the streamline strut fairing. Cut some pieces to length for the jury struts for temporary mounting. Installed the back seat top cross brace (Mike’s mod).

May 22, 2003
Re-torqued the engine head bolts to 195 inch/pounds. Installed spark plug safety Adel clamps (Mike’s mod). Removed, cleaned and reinstalled the gas tank. Cut notches on front strut fairing for jury struts (2). 15

May 23, 2003
Used blue Loctite and torqued the shroud screws and bolts. Torqued the intake manifolds. Torqued the exhaust manifolds. Installed the electric starter for temporary fit and clearance. Ground the fan shroud for clearance to the starter housing. Removed the oil injection unit. Installed ignition shielding to plug ends.

May 24, 2003
Completed permanent install of the GPL Casting. Finished spark plug wire shielding. Installed wire extensions on the engine wiring harness. Drilled the motor mounts and installed the plate on the engine. Fabricated and installed the left jury strut. Started fabricating the right jury strut. 16 & 17

May 26, 2003
Completed fabrication of the right jury strut and installed.
Pop riveted the strut fairing to the struts.

May 27, 2003
Engine wiring harness:
Red = ground
Tach/Gray = green
Kill 1/yellow-black = blue
Kill 2/yellow-black = blue
Lighting coil yellow = yellow
Lighting coil yellow w/black stripe = yellow

May 28, 2003
Fabricated the firewall plate. Installed 3 Amphenol for quick disconnects. 18 Installed 15 amp circuit breaker, 2 each cable clamps. Installed, grounded regulator rectifier. Fabricated the rear engine cover plate. Installed pitot line from the root tube down windshield support. Installed the top door frame support. 19 Installed dorsal fin. (UB2S) 3 each added (Mike’s mod). 20 Rudder pedal interconnecting tubes installed. Purchased a Power sonic 12180 NB Sealed battery. Did temporary installation of the 3 piece gap cover and fitted to wings. Cut rear section of the 3 piece gap cover to length and notched it for the redrive unit. Purchased a stainless steel tube for pitot.


Flaperon crank and push rod assembly

Installed the sending unit in the 10 gallon fuel tank

Fabricated the firewall plate

Installed grounded regulator rectifier

Ignition shielding to plug wires

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