Light Sport Aircraft Builders

Many thanks goes out to those experimental Light Sport Aircraft builders who have shared their skills with us through this medium, the internet.  The vast majority of lsa aircraft modifications found on this site are a result of many hours of research, design and the hard work of many fine builders.  One point I must stress that is agreed upon by many,"keep your experimental aircraft light".  

On our links page you'll find a link to the FlyExcalibur and the FlyChallenger Yahoo Groups.  They are a great bunch of fellow Excalibur and Challenger aircraft owners who are always there to answer your questions and help you through the building process.  Once your airplane is complete they can help with "how to" issues on maintenance, repairs and flying skills.  Join the group and tap in to a valuable resource of knowledge and skill.  Some members of the group are ultralight aircraft dealers that can help with the selection and purchase of your experimental aircraft.  Others in the group can supply after market products such as brakes, gears, heaters, seats, covers, etc.

Note:   Extreme caution should be practiced with light sport aircraft modifications that change the flight characteristics of the airplane.  Your life depends on it.


Experimental Light Sport Aircraft Builders

Mike Round
Ketchikan S.E. Alaska

Photos From Above

Challenger Float Plane



Puddle Jumper Floats Modification

Constructing a Keel for a Challenger II float plane

Rear View Mirrors

Challenger Flaperon Position Indicator

Stopping Throttle Creep

Bob Unternaehrer

Photos From Above


Front Seat lumbar support

Larger 16" Dorsal Fin

Experimental Aircraft
Michael Heit
Harrington, Washington

Experimental Builders Log:

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Light Sport Aircraft
Max Rentz

Max is building a
Tiger Cub from plans

Tiger Cub Builders Photos

Builders photos
Red Stokes
Phoenix, Arizona

Photos from Above

Experimental Aircraft Builders Log

Preflight Checklist

Flying Videos

Mike Stephens Challenger Cargo Pods
Mike Stephens
Corpus Christi, Texas
Photos from Above


Challenger Cargo Pods

Image Jason Mitchell Mansfield, Texas

Jason Mitchell
Mansfield, Texas

Rebuilding an Excalibur

Excalibur Aircraft
Rebuild Project



Horizontal Stabilizer

Gary Middleton Mod  


Grand Rapids EIS used as a flaperon position indicator




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