Excalibur Home Built Light Sport Aircraft

Excalibur Light Sport Aircraft

Excalibur rebuild project by Jason Mitchell.  Light Sport Aircraft building and modifications. Experimental Aircraft kits and construction. Home built aircraft, excalibur ultralights.

Image Light Sport Aircraft


Rebuilding an Excalibur

Two Place Light Sport Aircraft

by Jason Mitchell

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Image Excalibur loaded in U-Haul Truck

Jason Mitchell bringing his plane home to Texas

Image Excalibur Light Sport Aircraft

After getting the Excalibur home one of the first steps was removing the old covering

Image Experimental Aircraft

The wife was wondering what those strange sounds were?

Caught on tape!

Image Experimental Aircraft Battery

The battery was mounted in the rear so a bracket was constructed and the battery moved forward

Image Excalibur Ultralight

Not satisfied with the method used to attach the fiber glass nose cone a bracket was designed to secure the mount

Image Home Built Airplane

Excalibur nose cone now secured to Jason's specs

Image Rotax 582 2 cycle water cooled engine

Rotax 582 2-cycle water cooled engine

Image Airplane Wings

The wings were removed and stored for covering later in the project

Image Support Plate

Old support plate removed and replaced with new, wider version

Image Support Plate attached

Securely Riveted in place

Image Excalibur main landing gear

Jason's wife helped replaced the bungee cord landing gear

Image aircraft landing gear

Excalibur main gear

Image rebuilding an airplane

Landing gear completed and ready to roll

Jason is modifying the horizontal stab. He's moving the location of the leading edge attach point up to meet the leading edge of the vertical stab. This will give him approx 7 inches more cord length in the center.  He'll then taper the cord at the tip of the horizontal stab to give a nice tapered leading edge. Here's his answer for supporting the new attachment point.

Image excalibur horizontal stab modification

Image horizontal stab mod

Image Horizonzl Stab and Rudder

Original Excalibur horizontal stabilizer

Image Excalibur modified horizonzl stab

Modified horizontal stabilizer

Image horizonzl stab mounting brackets

Modified mounting brackets

Image Excalibur horizonal stab and rudder

Temporarily mounted to aircraft

Image Painting the airframe

The airframe is primed and painted

Image Excalibur wiring

Engine and panel wiring are next

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