Challenger Tail Mods

Light Sport Aircraft external fuel fill on a Challenger.  Building a rear panel door on a challenger II experimental airplane

Light Sport Aircraft

External fuel fill and rear panel door on a challenger ii homebuilt aircraft

Challenger II Tail Modifications

RAC Elevator Trim System  |  Tail Wheel  |  Reinforcing the Tail


RAC Elevator Trim System

Challenger Elevator Trim Tab

Elevator Trim Tab

Elevator Trim Tab Actuator

RAC Servo mounted inside elevator

Trim LED position Indicator

LED indicator on panel showing position of elevator trim

  Total time for the Model S8A is 19 seconds for the 1.20" of travel at 40 lbs. of force.  These units can be
purchased from Aircraft Spruce.


Tail Wheel Replacement

Challenger Tail Wheel Replacement


Stock tail wheel replaced with rubber coated wheel from Harbor Freight and Salvage.  Gives a little more cushion when lowing the tail and moving the plane around.


Reinforcing the Tail

Sheet metal on tail

By triangulating the tail with thin aluminum it removes approx 80% of the twisting motion in this area.

View from below

Note it does not change the shape of the plane in any way but does add weight.

Interior view

An interior view of this modification.



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