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Note:   Extreme caution should be practiced with light sport aircraft modifications that change the flight characteristics of the airplane.  Your life depends on it.


My Challenger Modifications - Mods

The Tail

RAC Elevator Trim System on a Challenger

Tail Wheel Replacement

Reinforcing the Challenger Tail

image Challenger tail section

The Fuselage

External Fuel Fill
Rear Panel Access Door
Back Forty Gear
Rudder Pedals For Short People
C-90 Hydraulic Brakes
Storage Behind the Front Seat
Throttle and Brake Lever Install
Padding for those Long Flights
Beefing up the Front Gear
Flaperon Indicator
Flaps on a Challenger 
Flap Indicator
Side rail wear guard 
Third door fabrication and instalation  

Challenger aircraft


Battery Under Rear Seat
Overhead Headset Plug
Larger Instrument Panel
Vertical Card Compass

Fuel System

Gascolator and Drain
Electric Primer Solenoid

The Hangar

Building a Hangar/Hanger

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