External Fuel Fill on a Challenger II Experimental

Light Sport Aircraft external fuel fill on a Challenger.  Building a rear panel door on a challenger II experimental airplane

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External fuel fill and rear panel door on a challenger ii homebuilt aircraft

External Fuel Fill  |  Rear Panel Door

External Fuel Fill

Challenger outside fuel fill

An external fill can prevent fuel spills inside your Challenger.

Fuel tank adapter

An adapter constructed of
1 1/2" tubing for the fuel - 5/8" tubing for the vent and a regular fuel hose barb.

Cutting the fuel tank

Cutting the fuel tank to accept the adapter.

Fitting the adapter

Fitting the adapter to the tank.

Fiberglassing the adapter

About 4 rivets and a little epoxy is all it takes to secure to tank. 

Plumbing the fuel fill lines

After a little plumbing, it's done.  No more fuel spills inside the plane.


Note:  Fiber Glass will not stick to the smooth plastic surface of the tank.
I ended up using epoxy instead.  Heavy sanding with a coarse paper is required.



Rear Panel Door

Rear compartment door

Rear compartment panel allows easy access of all components inside.  VIEW

Top portion of door

Top stationary portion of door.

Cowl Latches to secure door

Securing Latches is made easy by their design.  VIEW

All clecos in place

All fitted and clecoed in place.

Testing operation

This is only a test!

A view from the rear

A view from the rear.


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