Hydraulic Brakes on a Challenger Light Sport Aircraft

Installing C-90 Hydraulic Brakes on a Challenger light sport aircraft.  The basic challenger kit is shipped with no brakes which makes for some very interesting landings and taxie.  Rather then order the optional band brakes I chose to go with hydraulic brakes on my plane.

Light Sport Aircraft

Hydraulic brakes on a Challenger.  This set up would work on the Excalibur aircraft as well.  I can now hold the plane to 6K RPMs on a grass runway with these brakes.

C-90 Hydraulic Brakes on a Challenger

C-90 Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic Brake Mounting Plates

Mounting plates welded to axle

Brake assemble bolted to mounting plates

Mounting C-90 brake assembly to plates

Bolts on rims replaced

Rim bolts replaced by special ones supplied in the kit

Wheel mounted to brake assembly

Brake assembly in position

Attaching brake line to assembly

Attaching brake line to main gears

Brake handle assembly

Brake handle and cylinder

Attaching brake line to cylinder

Attaching brake line to cylinder

Mounted on left side of seat

Brake handle mounted to the left side of seat in easy reach

Teeing off to each wheel

Teeing off brake lines to main gears

Exiting the fuselage

Brake lines exiting the fuselage

Brake line to wheel

Brake line attached to main gears

The whole picture

The whole picture!



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