Back Forty Front and Main Landing Gear on a Challenger

Installing the back forty front and main landing gear on a 51% homebuilt quad city experimental Challenger II light sport aircraft.

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Langing gear modification on a homebuilt aircraft

Back Forty Main Landing Gear  |  Back Forty Front Gear

Back Forty Main Landing Gear

Back Forty Gear

Back Forty Main Landing Gear

Original Weldment

Before squaring off

After squaring off

Squared and ready for fitting

Fitting the main gear

Gear leg bolted on

Adjusting Tow In

Adjusting Tow In

Set and ready to drill

In place and ready for drilling

Drilled and Secure

Locked and Secured

Everything looking good

Some final measurements

Springs in place

Spring system which absorbers the bumps and give a smooth ride down the runway

Attaching back forty to springs

Gear attached to Spring

Lined up and ready to roll

Everything looking good

Built for Speed!

Out of this world!

For more information check out the

Back Forty Gear Web Site


Back Forty Front Gear

Cutting to length

Cutting front gear shaft to length per instructions.

Front fork welded

Back Forty welded to fork with spring inserted into tube.

Front Gear Installed

Installed and ready to go!

For more information check out the

Back Forty Gear Web Site



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