Challenger Experimental Fuel System Modifications

Homebuilt 51% Quad City Ultralight challenger ii experimental light sport aircraft Gascolator and Fuel Drain Electric Primer Solenoid Fuel Primer

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Challenger fuel system gascolator and external fuel drain.


Gascolator and Fuel Drain  |  Electric Primer Solenoid

Gascolator and Fuel Drain

The Gascolator helps remove trash and water from you fuel system.  My drain valve is located right behind the right main gear and is accessible outside the plane.  My fuel sample cup is located inside the compartment next to the Gascolator.
Fuel Drain Cock


Electric Primer Solenoid

Electric Primer Solenoid

12 volt electric primer solenoid used to inject a small amount
of fuel into each cylinder for
easy starting.

Fuel Tubing

1/4" ID tubing from solenoid
to a 1/8" ID Tee.  From the
Tee 1/8" tubing feeds both

Carb inlet

Carburetor inlet

1/4" tubing to solenoid Tee off from the rear carb fuel line.  Fuel pressure gauge is Tee to the front carb fuel line.

12 volt primer button

Electric primer button mounted
on instrument panel.

Primer solenoid must be feed from the pressure side of your electric fuel pump for optimum performance. 



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