Challenger Front Gear Modifications

Heavy duty front gear mod modification on a quad city challenger II experimental aircraft.  Landing gear mods modifications.

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Front landing gear on my 51% homebuilt airplane kit needed a little extra support so the following was done to give me peace of mind.

Beefing Up the Front Gear

Beefing up the Front Gear

Bracing up the front fork

Just wasn't too sure about how strong that front assembly would be on rough ground.  Braced it up just a little.

A little stronger rod

Those 1/4" push rods didn't impress me much either so I made my own.

My Challenger Front Gear

I'll feel much better now on those rough grass runways.

Loose Rivets
As I was installing my beefed up rods I noticed the factory installed rivets (left photo) were already loose.  After drilling out the loose rivets I installed bolts and lock nuts (right photo).  Now everything is as solid as ....... well you know.
Bolts and lock nuts

Front Gear Indicator

Just couldn't get that front gear centered without looking down.  Must have one leg shorter then the other.  What about after the nose cone is installed?

An easy fit

This was one of the easiest Challenger modifications I've made so far.

Challenger Front Gear at a glance

A quick glance down and I know exactly which way the front gear is pointing.  Also, will know how much rudder is being applied.  Not sure why I would need to know that but ......



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