Challenger II Long Wing Modifications

Throttle and Brake lever installation and modifications.  Rudder pedal modification for short people.  Side rail wear guard on a Challenger.  Front seat storage. Throttle and brake lever installation. 

Light Sport Aircraft

Experimental Light Sport Aircraft Challenger LSA  51% Kit built airplane

Rudder Pedals for Short People  |  Storage Behind Front Seat  |  Throttle-Brake Lever Install

Padding for those Long Flights  |  Side rail wear guard

Rudder Pedals for Short People

Rudder Pedals for short people
Rudder Pedal side view
Attaching the modification


Storage Behind the Front Seat

Front sear storage
The control stick in the passenger section has been cut.  If you plan on installing controls in the passenger section, simply construct the storage compartment a little narrower so as not to interfere with the forward movement of the stick.
Seat back must hinge forward


Throttle and Brake Lever Install

Bigger Throttle and Brake Lever
Wanting to install a larger instrument panel I couldn't put the brake lever on the stick so I added a 1" tube on the left side of the seat.  Not satisfied with the throttle and cable set up I received in the kit, I made my own.  Hand slides off the throttle and onto the brake.
Throttle and Brake Lever in easy reach


Padding for those Long Flights

Relief is just a few bucks away
I could tell by just sitting in the plane that this area was going to be a problem for me.  I'm wider then I am tall so this was my answer to the sore legs rubbing against the tubes and rivets.

Leg padding


Side rail wear guard

Side rail nicks and scratches

After seeing the wear and tears on a 10 yr. old Challenger and the nicks and scratches already on mine I figured a little wear guard wouldn't hurt.

Cut material to 2 1/2" wide

A little scrap material from a local upholstery shop cost very little.  I cut the strip down to 2 1/2" wide the length of the side rail.

Keeping it tight

While riveting in place keep pulling material to keep it tight against the rail.  This should also keep it from flapping in the wind

Doesn't look that bad

Not too bad!  Maybe i'm in the wrong business


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