Experimental Aircraft Instrument Panel

The Instrument Panel with RAC Trim Indicator, ELT panel, Slip Indicator, RPM, Duel EGT, Duel CHT, ASI, ALT, Volt Meter, VSI, Fuel Pressure Gauge, Fuel Level Gauge, Bank Indicator, Electric Primer Switch

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Challenger Instrument Panel Vertical Card Compass Ultralight Experimental Aircraft  Ultralights


Challenger Instrument Panel  |  Vertical Card Compass

Larger Instrument Panel for Challenger aircraft

Larger Challenger Instrument Panel

A larger instrument panel to hold all this .... well "Stuff"

Instrument Panel fit

The ultra flat black color works great in bright sunlight.

Challenger Instrument Panel Installed

In order to install my larger panel the Hydraulic Brake handle had to be moved from the stick to my left side below the Throttle.

Panel Components:

RAC Trim Indicator, High Temp Light, ELT panel, Slip Indicator, RAC Trim Switch, Stratomaster Engine Monitor (with RPM, Duel EGT, Duel CHT, Hour Meter) ASI, ALT, High and Low Fuel level lights, Low Oil Light, Clock/Timer, Volt Meter, VSI, Fuel Pressure Gauge, Main Fuel Level Gauge, Engine Monitor Switch, Start Button, Electric Flap Switch, Flap Indicator Light, Bank Indicator, Duel Master Switch, High Fuel Level Switch, Electric Primer Switch, Circuit Breakers, Aux Fuel Level Gauge, Arm Switch for Aux Fuel Transfer, Transfer Pump Switch, Panel Light Switch, Instrument Light Switch, Rotating Beacon Switch, Collision Light Switch, Electric Fuel Pump Switch, Ignition Switch, 12 Volt Aux Port (Cig. Lighter) 

Circle Cutter

Vertical Card Compass

Vertical Card Compass
Originally the Vertical Card Compass was mounted on the instrument panel but there was a problem.  When the master switch was turned on, the variation was as much as 10°.  After moving it overhead and away from the electronics the problem was solved.
Mounting the Vertical Card Compass


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