Electrical System Modifications
Light Sport Aircraft LSA

Experimental Light Sport Aircraft electrical modifications, Battery mounted under the rear seat, Headphone plug-in modification on a Challenger II lsa light sport aircraft.  Excalibur home built aircraft headset plug in mount. 

Light Sport Aircraft

Light Sport Aircraft   Ultralight Aircraft  Experimental Aircraft  Ultralights   Homebuilt Aircraft Kits   Mounting the battery and headset plug in mount.


Battery Mounting Under Rear Seat  |  Overhead Headset Plug In

Battery Mounting Under Rear Seat

Image Hinged rear seat

Rear seat aluminum plate installed with rubber to accommodate AUX Tank later.

Image Neatly tucked away

Challenger battery compartment and battery installed.

Image Wiring just about complete

Battery neatly tucked out of the way with easy access.

Overhead Headset Plugs

Image Soldering the wires in

After mounting the plug ins the wires are soldered in place.

Image Boxed in and mounted

Rear of the plate has been boxed in and installed overhead.

Image Keeps headset wires out of your way

Plug in ready for headset keeping wires out of your way.  Makes a great place to hang that Bose headset too.



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