Building doors on an Experimental Challenger II Aircraft

Building the doors on a Challenger II light sport aircraft.  Challenger II experimental door construction.  Latches on challenger doors.

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Building the Doors on a Challenger Light Sport Aircraft

Building the Doors on a Challenger

Image Challenger Door Construction
Image Clamping and Riveting
Image More clamping and riveting
Image Fitting the tubing
Image Now the other end
Image Lots of clamps needed
Image Fitting up nicely
Image Clamping the center tubing
Image Cutting the tubing after fitting to plane
Image Making a template
Image Rear glass in place
Image Completed the first door
Image Hinges installed and on the plane
Image Not a bad fit after all

Now I just have to figure out a way to latch these things.

Designing the latch for Challenger II Third Door Modification



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