Building a Hangar for your Aircraft

Building an Experimental Light Sport Aircraft hanger, constructing bi-fold hanger doors.  Titan aircraft hanger.  Hangers for LSA such as the Excalibur Challenger and Titan aircraft. 

Light Sport Aircraft

Ultralight Aircraft Challenger II Experimental Aircraft Homebuilt aircraft hanger Excalibur light sport aircraft 

Building the Hangar

Building the Hanger

Image Aircraft Hanger 30'x56'

Hangar size 30'x56' will be enough room for Paul's Titan and my Challenger II

Image Bi-fold doors 40' wide

View of the 40' bi-fold door for my Challenger

Image The right tools makes the job easier

It sure helps to have the right tools for the job

Image Fabricating the hinge for the 30' door

"We have the Skill, Technology and Know How"

Image Sheeting the doors

Sheet metal going over the doors

Image Aircraft Hanger

40' bi-fold door sheet metal and insulation complete

Image Light Sport Aircraft Hanger

Plenty room for Paul's Titan.  My Challenger II will be moved there soon.



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