Cleaning the Bing 54 Carburetor

Inside the Bing 54 carburetor fuel bowl Rotax 503 2-cycle air cooled engine on an experimental light sport aircraft. 

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Inside The BowlBing Carburetor Site  |  Exploded Carburetor View

Inside the Bing 54 Bowl

Image Bing 54 Carburetor

Bing 54 Carburetor

Image View inside the Bing 54 Carburetor Bowl

View inside the Fuel Bowl

Image Removing the Idler Jet

Removing the Idler Jet
Bing 54 Carburetor

Image Bing 54 Idler Jet removed

Idler Jet removed
Bing 54 Carburetor

Image Sieve Sleeve

Removing the Sieve Sleeve

Image Removing the Main Jet

An 8mm boxed in wrench is used to remove the Main Jet
Bing 54 Carburetor

Image Removing the Mixing Tube

A 10mm boxed-in wrench is used to remove the Mixing Tube

Image Bing 54 Needle Jet

Needle Jet slides right out when the carburetor is turned over.
Bing 54 Carburetor

Image Needle Jet, Mixing Tube and Main Jet

All cleaned, blown out and ready to reinstall.
Bing 54 Carburetor



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