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Have you been dreaming about flying all your life but just couldn't afford the high cost of flying GA aircraft?  Well, Light Sport Aircraft is just the thing for you.  Getting your light sport aircraft license is about half the cost of a private pilot's ticket.  No medical examine needed, just a valid drivers license.

While there are many different brands and styles out there to choose from, Challenger light sport aircraft are probably the most popular.  Easy to build, easy to fly, low maintenance and best of all low operating cost.  An average Challenger LSA burns approx. 4 gals. or less per hour of the same gas you put in your vehicle.  No need to go to the local airport for 100LL fuel. Also no need to rent an expensive hanger, if you have the room just park it in the back yard.  A runway of at least 1000' is needed to safely land your Light Sport Aircraft.  I prefer 1200-1500' just in case you're coming in a little hot. Safety should always be your first consideration.

Flying has to be a passion that some people are just born with.  I can remember as a small boy dreaming of the day I could fly an airplane.  My only regret is that I waited until I was 50 years old to do it.  Hope this site is helpful.



Flying with Dad

Challenger II on floats





Gyroplane, Gyrocopter, Autogyro or Gyro

Called by many different names but one thing they all have in common is they are fun to fly. Gyroplanes have been around since the 1920-30s but few people are really familiar with them. With the recent Sports Pilot’s License in the US and a growing number of people interested in the hobby the Gyrocopter is gaining in popularity all over the country. The advantages of the Autogyro is its ability for short takeoffs and even shorter landings. Unlike a helicopter it cannot hover but it can fly very slowly giving the pilot more time to take in the landscape below. When high winds make some fixed wing aircraft a challenge to fly, the Gyroplane’s rotary wing is much less effected. Many pilots actually enjoy flying in windy conditions which means even shorter takeoffs, slower flying, feather like descents and landings.


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